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       der tresor wird 13! birthday party 2004

       photos   wed_10.03.     at tresor: liquid sky [new faces], subtronic [new faces], troy mcclure [new faces],
                                          at globus: tama sumo [berlin], phonique [poker flat/berlin], sven vt [freizeitglauben/wmf/berlin]

       photos   thu_11.03.     at globus: kristin [sommer safari/berlin], sylvie marks & hal 9000 [bpitch control/ffm],
                                                 djoker daan
[sommer safari/bpitch control/berlin], wimpy [sommer safari/berlin],
                                          at tresor: rush [k'nee deep/chicago], recyver dogs [berlin]

       photos   fri_12.03.       at globus: senze [moods & grooves/berlin], juan atkins [metroplex/tresor rec./detroit],
                                                 robert hood
[m-plant/peacefrog/tresor rec./detroit], andre galuzzi [taksi rec./berlin],
                                          at tresor dry [hq/rampe d/berlin], james pennington [ur/transmat/detroit],

       photos   sat_13.03.      at globus: daniel bell [7th city/logistic/tresor rec./detroit], luciano [cadenza/peacefrog/perlon/genf/chile],
                                                 john tejada
[palette/tresor rec./los angeles],
                                          at tuna bar: carola stoiber & herzfeldt [tresor rec./blumenladen/berlin],
                                          at tresor francois k. [wave music/nyc], robert hood [m-plant/peacefrog/tresor rec./detroit],
[rampe d/tresor rec./berlin]

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