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       club transmediale.06 - being bold!

       photos   fri_03.02.     gallery 1 - eats tapes [us], ilsa gold [at], for god con soul feat. console [de]

       photos   fri_03.02.     gallery 2 - rancho relaxo allstars [int], special guest: evil knievel [de]

       photos   sat_04.02.     gallery 1 - phako [nl], frivolous [ca], dandy jack and sonja moonear [ch/cl], p.a. dual [nl],
                                         extreme animals [us], doddodo [jp]

       photos   sat_04.02.     gallery 2 - gulpepsh [jp], drumcorps [us], ove naxx [jp], maruosa [jp], jason forrest [us]

       photos   sun_05.02.     blindsnake [us/de], next life [no], orthrelm [us], al naafiysh [nl]

       photos   mon_06.02.     candie hank [de], felix kubin [de], jean jacques perrey [fr]

       photos   tue_07.02.     asiplus [ch], hanne hukkelberg [no], marc marcovic [de], volcano the bear [uk]

       photos   wed_08.02.     limpe fuchs [de], column one [de], marc wannabe [de]

       photos   thu_09.02.     anne laplatine [fr], martin tetreault [ca], goodiepal [dk], ignaz schick [de]

       photos   fri_10.02.     mendoza [mx], luci [ca], ricardo villalobos [cl] & zip[de]

       photos   sat_11.02.     philip sherburne [us], phon.o [de], ttc [fr], modeselektor [de] - shot till i drop! :-)


       enjoy the exhibition gaesteliste +1 on the occasion of ctm.06-festival.

       enjoy the past ctm galleries.

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       marco reckmann