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 ctm.12 - spectral
  photos player fri_27.01. exhibition opening - ghost off the shelf, the crystal world open laboratory & further installations/works  
  photos player mon_30.01. opening concert with eliane radique [fr] - naldjorlak performed by carol robinson [us/fr], bruno martinez [fr] & charles curtis [us], opening night: zodiak revisited I, conrad schnitzler [de] - piano works (disklavier) & free arts lab [de]  
  photos player tue_31.01. zodiak revisited II panel discussion with thomas fehlmann [de], wolfgang seidel [de], jens strüver [de], moderator: geeta dayal [us], eliane radique [fr] in conversation with thibaut de ruyter [fr/de], cdr - ideas and tracks in the making open workshop with pole [de], silicon tuned with byetone [de], kyoka [jp], mark fell [uk], kangding ray [fr/de], sendai [be]  
  photos player wed_01.02. parastrophics with sølyst [de], solistenensemble kaleidoskop [de], mouse on mars [de], elephant power [be], artifical mysteries with prszr [pl/at], bill kouligas [gr]  
  photos player thu_02.02. pre-cert home entertainment with slant azimuth [uk], mohn - wolfgang voigt [de] & jörg burger [de], blurred gateways with oOoOO [de], balam acab [us], holy other [uk], kuedo [uk], puzzle [int], tapping the real with stellar om source [nl], heatsick [uk], ital [us]  
  photos player fri_03.02. blues dhikr al-salam (blues al maqam) - catherine christer hennix & the chora(s)san time-court mirage [se/int], panzer - nik nowak vs. ultramoodem - performance by nik nowak [de], moritz stumm [de], ≠ not equal with opium hum [de], ben frost with shahzad ismaily & borgar magnason [is/us], mika vainio [fin], paranoiac paradise with kettel [nl], co la [us], james ferraro [us]  
  photos player sat_04.02. circular veil with grouper [us], jefre cantu-ledesma [us], organ concert - tim hecker [ca], mutable transformation with pole [de], harmonious thelonious [de], will lynch [us], hieroglyphic being [us]  
  photos player sun_05.02. trowo phurnag cerenony - phurpa [ru], random noize musick matinee - oval [de], cristian vogel [uk], shrubbn!! & transforma [de], mark weiser aka rechenzentrum [de], touch.30: spire with hildur guonadottir [is] & other  

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