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 ctm.13 - the golden age
  photos player fri_25.01. exhibition opening: in that weird age, musicmakers hacklab & lifelines, preglow night with heavylistening [de], pete swanson [us], justice yeldham [au], sensate focus [uk], rabih beaini [lb] & bill kouligas [gr]  
  photos player mon_28.01. opening concert: bauteile - atom™ & marc behrens [de] and a marriage of true minds - matmos [us], opening night: pulse lab: works for wave field synthesis, alpha txt - atom™ & material object [de/au], soundstudio  
  photos player tue_29.01. forever new frontiers with marius reisser [de], tm404 [se], emptyset & joanie lemercier [uk], diamond version with atsuhiro ito [de/jp], soundwalk collective [int]  
  photos player wed_30.01. pan with call super [uk], jar moff [gr], performance by mark fell [uk], keith fullerton whitman [us], florian hecker [at], lee gamble [uk] and heatsick [uk]  
  photos player thu_31.01. science of synthesis with a cell of one [de], holly herndon [us], forest sword [uk], d’eon [ca], kuedo [uk]  
  photos player fri_01.02. live electronic music sessions with tim exile [uk], lando kal [us], kode9 [uk] and more  
  photos player sat_02.02. subharchord - a child of the golden age with ina pillat [de] - film preview, gerhard steinke [de] - lecture, kippschwingung by frank bretschneider [de] and biosphere & the pitch [no/int]  
  photos player sat_02.02. the midas touch with greco-roman soundsystem [uk], skream [uk], anika [uk], simian mobile disco [uk], sotofett [no], #ghashtag with half girl/half sick [de], gatekeeper [us], blackblackgold [us], ean [uk], purge with tom ass [us], necro deathmort [uk], alec empire [de] & rowdy superstar [uk], xorzyzt [us]  
  photos player sun_03.02. the neverending present - ctm.13 closing concert with khyam allami [iq] & vasilis sarikis [gr], sunn O))) [us]  

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