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       ctm presents wasted 2 - two more nights of breakcore in berlin, 2005

       photos   fri_02.09.      gallery 1: terror and mayhem [be], amboss [de], electric kettle [fr], uebergang [de]
                                                       doormouse [us], baseck [us]
       photos   fri_02.09.      gallery 2: baseck [us], jason forrest [us], eiterherd [at]

       photos   sat_03.09.     gallery 3: lfo demon [de], drumcorps [us], dev/null [de], scotch egg [jp/uk], bong-ra [nl]

       photos   sat_03.09.     gallery 4: doddodo [jp], ove nexx [jp], xanopticon [us], i:gor [pl], parasite [uk] pure [at]
       thanks all for the great show!

       enjoy all galleries of wasted here!

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