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       wasted is a series of mini-festivals to celebrate loud, fast, radical and mostly
       electronic new musics unified by a bold spirit of unrespectful dissent,
       unruly enthusiasm and a mountain of positive energy, that are generally summed up
       under the loose terms of breakcore, mash-up or raggacore.

       photos   04. - 05.02.2005   wasted 1

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       wasted 1 explore the way in which breakcore as a music genre is developing
       internationally. the sound has been radically altered, breakcore in many ways
       refreshes crucial basics of techno’s early days. the two wasted nights will present
       themselves in the most basic of all club formats: 4 walls, a pa-system, fog and strobe
       light, no seats, no hang-outs for observers - everything belongs to the dancefloor.

       photos   02. - 03.09.2005   wasted 2

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       wasted 2 featuring a wide range of artists of many different breakcore styles,
       representing many different international scenes. basically, it’s a celebration of
       a style of music largely spread and centred online, but this celebration isn’t
       a bunch of geeks talking about software.

       photos   23.09.2006   wasted 3

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       wasted 3 - cut-up samples from metal, hip-hop, ragga, disco and whatever else the
       digital scissors pick as their prey; irregular beats accelerated to the max, abrupt
       breaks and deafening fuss, all woven into tracks that fuse wicked wit with brutality
       and roguish laughter with abysmal darkness.

       photos   26. - 27.01.2007   wasted 4

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       wasted 4 blurring the lines between breakcore, punk, grindcore, performance art and
       noise with a wall shaking acoustic-meets-digital assault.

       photos   19.05.2007   wasted 5

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       wasted 5 continues to push the boundaries of hard, fast, performative music. this
       edition will also feature a new concept to such a large event, a second stage
       organized by open application. 15 emerging artists from 7 countries across the eu
       will play 20 minute sets throughout the evening - their inclusion and order based
       on a simple application and lottery.

       photos   25.05.2007   wasted versus overkill

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       wasted versus overkill - wasted teams up with london’s overkill to put on a 1-night
       show of frenzied dancing!

       »             25.08.2007   wasted over riga

       wasted over riga - a night of speedball-zombie-frenzy with limbs and bones bolting
       through the hall, when even the dullest brains get inflamed by fatal sound cascades.

       wasted over (your city here) are mini 1-night wasted events that are popping up all over
       europe. as always they form a rare team of open minded, fun, and hard-hitting
       individuals who's interests go beyond merely having a "good party".

       photos   08.03.2008   wasted over prague

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       wasted over prague - the wasted crew are invited for a one-night frenzy in an old
       factory building. as always wasted brought  a  fine  blend  of extreme, hard and
       danceable music, that makes feet snap and fidget with spastic convulsions.

       »             09.05.2008   wasted over toulouse

       wasted over toulouse brings a diverse mixture of extreme music to blow out your ears!

       »             10.05.2008   wasted over marseille

       wasted over marseille extend the wasted-profile a bit by inviting artists from the
       stranger frinches of hip hop.

       photos   03.07.2008   wasted over berlin

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       wasted over berlin - wasted returns to berlin with a killer line-up and is also
       the release party for pencilbreak, the new book from belio magazine. this book
       presents art and graphics inspired by hardcore music. naturally, it includes a
       multipage feature on the wasted festival, showcasing poster, flyer designs and
       photography. this book is meant to be an homage to breakcore and other styles of
       hardcore music and corresponding attitudes.

       feel free to download the wasted feature (pdf-file/2,1 mb).

       check the official wasted website here.

       thx to jason, peter and disk /ctm.

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