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Krake Festival  2015  –  Experimental Dance Music
Gallery  ≡    Monday 03.08.     at Urban Spree | Krake Festival Opening with Huron, Dat Politics, 5XL, Fist Van Odor & Mr-808 interactive - interactive robot installation by Moritz Simon Geist

Gallery  ≡    Tuesday 04.08.     at Urban Spree | Label Boutique and Art Exhibition with Disco Ghost - performance by Julia Drouhin & Destuctive Observation Field - multicolor laser installation by Robert Henke

Gallery  ≡    Wednesday 05.08.     at Berghain Kantine | Bodies & Minds with Der Rote Ritter - performance by Stefano Taiuti, Inner8, Dissonanze - performance by Federica Dauri, Ken Karter, Alienata & Flush

Gallery  ≡    Thursday 06.08.     at Urban Spree | Art Exhibition and Krake x Ableton with Klangwelle - installation by Christian Losert, tesela - interactive mapping sculpture by Aristides Garcia, Ableton workshop by Lakker, Ableton User Group Berlin & Joi Bix

Gallery  ≡    Friday 07.08.     at Urban Spree | Still Disco/Invitation - performance/installation by Anna-Luella Zahner
at Suicide Circus | Krake Club Night with Electic Indigo playing Morpheme a/v version with Thomas Wagensommerer, Talla, rRoxymore, Emika, Mondkopf, Sendai, Sebastian Kökow & Cassegrain & Tin Man

Gallery  ≡    Saturday 08.08.     at Urban Spree | The Kraken with Patch Wrestling, Alex Solman, Ralf Köster, Gen.Hectic, Hypnobeat, Nightjars, Ekman, Umwelt, Baeks, Kriek & Herr Schneider
at Suicide Circus | The Kraken with XVII, Eomac, Arad, Untold, Bintus, Solaris, Skism, Vera Mona & Gatto Fritto
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