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 berlin     internet radio station and club culture     rock, dance und cybergeschwaetz - berlin's best music magazine     festival for adventurous music and related arts     konsumgeil, unpolitisch und gehorsam!
 media     musik, medien, kultur, selbstbeherrschung - elektronische lebensaspekte     elektronische musik und clubkultur     journal fuer musik     is a 100% independent online magazine devoted to dance music and club culture     is reports, interviews for and about djs, labels and enthusiasts
 music     eine initiative von freude am tanzen seit 2004     international database of female djs, producers and visual artists
 sch!cht     aus den anfängen der technobewegung     dance music's basement
 dsico fanzine     a tribute to the mother of electronic dance music »hot«
 the history of house     by phil cheeseman for dj magazine, hosted by the hyperreal music archive     a user-built database of music information
 electronic music guide     a tutorial to get you acquainted with what this music is and where it came from
 shop     all love will come to those who listen     one of the world's leading dealers in the field of cutting edge electronic dance music     an administrative hub for detroit's independent dance music labels
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