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CTM Festival  2018  –  Turmoil
Gallery   ≡     Friday 26.01.     at Bethanien | Exhibition Opening: Uncanny Valleys of a Possible Future curated by CTM and BCR X CTM Opening with Hunni’d Jaws [US/DE]

Gallery   ≡     Saturday 27.01.     at HAU 1 | Opening Concert: DissentZorka Wollny [PL/DE] & Jace Clayton presents Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner [INT]
at Club Ost I | Designed Disarray: Antwood [CA], Occult [US/DE], Jlin [US] & Errorsmith [DE]
at Club Ost II | Happy as Hell: Hanin Elias [DE], NAH [US/BE] & NAKED [UK/PL]

Gallery   ≡     Sunday 28.01.     at HAU 2 | Ernest Berk – The Complete Expressionist: Company Christoph Winkler [DE] & Rashad Becker & Pan Daijing [DE/CN]

Gallery   ≡     Tuesday 30.01.     at MONOM | Transcend the Turmoil – Module I: Imagining the HyperspaceIOANN [RU] & The Spectacular Empire Pt II: The Time MachineGaika [UK]
Gallery   ≡     Friday 02.02.     at HAU 1 | Mind ReaderMarcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber [DE] & VoyagerGeorge Lewis & Roscoe Mitchell [US]
at HAU 2 | FIVE BerlinRashaad Newsome [US] & EmbryogenesisLotic & Roderick George [DE/US]
Gallery   ≡     Saturday 03.02.     at Kunstquartier Projektraum | Roundtable Discussion: Hardcore Talks I + II
at YAAM I | New Turf: Hunni’d Jaws [US/DE], Nihiloxica [UG], Equiknoxx ft. Shanique Marie [JM], Hitmakerchinx & Aaron [US], RoxXan [UK], Bad Gyal [ES] & Heroin [DE]
at YAAM III | Native Sketches: Neven. b2b Akuipuss [DE], Soda Plains [UK], Sega Bodega [UK], Ivy Lab [UK] & Ikonika [UK]
at YAAM II | hoe_mies: kos_mic q'andi [DE], Kikelomo (hoe_mies) [DE], Meg10 (hoe_mies) [DE] & Lucia Lu (hoe_mies) [DE]
Gallery   ≡     Sunday 04.02.     at SchwuZ II | Phase Out II: GOOOOOSE [CN], 33EMYBW [CN], ZULI [EG], Storm [UK] & Pixelord [RU]
at SchwuZ I | Phase Out I: Angel [AT], Klitclique [AT], Born in Flamez [INT], FAKA [ZA] & Flava D [UK]
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